Do you own a new laptop,

However, even if you’ve had your device for long, these tips to keep your laptop battery running longer will still be useful.

following some minor tricks to how you use your laptop prevents you from reaching for your power cord too often and will keep your laptop battery running efficiently. If you Follow these tips, you will improve your laptop battery life, making it to last longer.

  1. Activate battery saver mode
    While using your laptop on battery power, your battery level is always displayed in taskbar, Click on the laptop battery level indicator and make sure you activate power-saving features , PCMag recommends. While you may experience a noticeable performance loss, if you aren’t gaming, editing photos or videos, or completing tasks that require a lot of battery power, you won’t notice much of a difference.
  2. Always Unplug unused peripherals
    PCMag also advice you unplug any peripherals such as external hard drive or webcam when using battery power. In addition to transferring data between your device and your laptop, that cable is also drawing power to the peripheral itself even when you’re not using it. That’s a straightforward drain on your laptop battery.
  3. Don’t let your computer battery drop to 0%         Actually this also mean, plug it before it dies. It is obvious that some of us aways make this mistake, letting our laptop go off by itself,which is harmful to the battery. If possible never drain your battery below 15%,yeah its achievable, this extends battery life, making it efficient.
  4. Avoid keeping your laptop plugged in

laptop users are warned, not to keep their laptops plugged in all the  time,because laptops plugged in constantly actually have a lesser number of cycles (when battery is drained, then plugged in to recharge means a cycle) than those who kept their batteries between 20% and 80%.

Don’t always charge battery fully or charge continuously, even when filled up, its not necessary.


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