Museveni wins Ugandan Presidential polls, opposition allege fraud


Yoweri Museveni of Uganda extended his 35 year old rule and secured a sixth term as he won the Ugandan presidential elections.
Museveni who took power in 1986 won the election by 58.6 percent of votes, beating reggae singer turned politician, Bobi Wine in an election the opposition alleged was won by crushing opposition, blackout of media and intimidation of opposition and voters by security forces.

Bobi Wine who secured 34.8 percent of the votes came second and was one of the 10 opposition candidates announced he was under house arrest and the ruling government responded by saying they were providing him with security. “Whatever is being declared is a complete sham, we reject it and we dissociate ourselves with it,” Bobi Wine said on Friday. An unconfirmed footage showing Bobi Wine and some journalists fleeing at the sight of soldiers that barricaded the entrance of his home in the outskirts of Kampala also emerged.
Wine alleged heavy irregularities such as ballot stuffing and intimidation and chasing away of his party agents.

Meanwhile, images of jubilant Museveni supporters showed on state television whereas security forces took over streets urging citizens to maintain physical distancing amidst the celebration.

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