Don’t address bandits as criminals;Gumi speaks out

Islamic cleric Sheik Ahmad Gumi has said, Nigerians should stop calling bandits criminals if they must yield.

He reprimanded journalists for addressing the activities of bandits as criminals activities.

TheNation reported, Gumi said the media is acting as a catalyst to insecurity problem by describing the bandits as criminals.

According to him, if the media really wants them to surrender, then using the word criminals would do no good.

You’re emphasising on criminality, even the press are criminals too because they are putting oil into fire.


These people are listening to you, you should not address them as criminals if you want them to succumb


Youths are ready to put down their weapons, now you are calling them criminals. How do you want them to cooperate?

So you have to show them they are Nigerians, that they should not hurt children, be law-abiding. This is the language we want to hear, the press should assist us in getting the boys.

You see when we talk with them with nice words, they are ready to listen to us, put down their weapons but when the language is about criminality, killing them, then this is what we will keep having.


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