Make your Android device faster by Accelerating Animations

I have heard lots of complain from android users about how slow their device tends to be.

Does your phone feel a bit sluggish, particularly when jumping between apps or when you turn your data on, i caught u right?


There is an easy tweak for that.

First of all disable notifications from your major apps like whatsapp, then follow this tweak.

  • First, enable “Developer Settings” by heading to “Settings -> About Phone” and tap on the build number seven times. You should see a little message on your screen that says “Congratulations, you are now a developer”.

developer options

  • To give your Android device a bump in performance, navigate to “Settings” then “Developer Options”. Scroll down until you see Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale. Set all of these to Off.

windows animation scale

So easy?

This little tweak increases the performance of your device.

Don’t forget to disable notifications.

However, this method has been tested, and it gives 30percent boost to your Android device.Lets see how it works for you,leave a comment below.

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