Bitcoin still closer to 0 than to $1,000,000

Bitcoin(BTC) the parent of all other cryptocurrencies has been trending lately after reaching its resistance earlier.

A Twitter user  has given his clue about the currency.

He said;

#bitcoin is still closer to 0 than to $1,000,000.

You can interpret this in many different ways.

Mine is: we are still early.

Not financial advice.


@sinaEstavi reacted

Those who sell their btc for less than  $1,000,000 will regret it😅

@maximekalahnik reacted

By that time there would be no need to sell BTC, because it will become main international currency

As this coin keeps trending on Twitter, people keep buying since the coin tends to have a bright future as the price will continue to increase.

However, not a financial advice

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