35-year-old high school teacher, Arrested For Engaging In Sexual assult With 17-year-old Student

Teacher Abby
Teacher Abby

The now-former Portage High School teacher has been charged with two counts of sexual assault of a student by school staff.

A 35-year-old female teacher, Abby Dibbs, has been arrested for engaging in sexual assult  with a 17-year-old student at her home in Wisconsin, USA.

The now-former Portage High School teacher has been charged with several counts of sexual assault of a student by school teacher
she has admitted to having sex with the boy twice, according to an eyewitness

Portage police said in a statement that the teacher was arrested for sexual assault of a child on Wednesday, May 26, after the Portage Community School District administration contacted police.

Dibbs has reportedly admitted the student came to her home on Friday and Saturday the weekend before, and they had sex twice. She also said they discussed how they felt about each other and how there were lines they couldn’t cross, but then decided to go Further

A detective also spoke to the student, who said he had sexual intercourse with Dibbs twice over the weekend, once in the bedroom and once in the living room.

The 17yr old teenager then went on to tell the officers he was actually in love with Dibbs.

He also revealed he is upset about the person who “snitched” along with his own mother who had told officers the person did the right thing revealing the relationship as it was not appropriate.

A pre-trial conference is scheduled for July 26.

The Portage School District released a statement saying they were working with law enforcement

This teacher is no longer employed by the Portage Community School District and will not be returning to the classroom. Upon learning of this matter, the District responded immediately and contacted law enforcement, the statement said

We feel confident that the high school and all district buildings are safe and secure for all students and staff. We appreciate the efforts of our law enforcement in addressing this matter.

District officials will continue to monitor our schools to ensure a safe environment.

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