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About 740 bitcoins(BTC) moved from a 9years inactive wallet

About 740 bitcoins(BTC) moved
About 740 bitcoins(BTC) moved

About 740 bitcoins(BTC) moved from a 9years inactive wallet.

A wallet address containing over $26 million worth of bitcoin has just been triggered after resting dormant for over nine years.

Whale alert spotted the above transaction earlier this week.

Whale alert is a popular blockchain tracker which tweets and reports about crucial activity in cryptocurrency wallet activity.

This inactive mystery address incorporated over 740 bitcoins (worth approximately $26,147,621 USD, as of the time of filing this report) and allegedly transferred some 640 bitcoins ($21,104,060) to another wallet on July 12 2021.

Although this sum of money might be eye-catching to most but Whale Alert always sees millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency being transferred from different wallets.

The major importance of this activity lies in the fact that this address had remained dormant for over nine years which is  just three years after bitcoin was launched, indicating that the owner/owners of this idle address were an early adopter of the crypto currency or maybe the Creators of BTC.

About 740 bitcoins(BTC) moved from a 9years inactive wallet

There have been some rounds online saying that  this activity might be the movements of the mysterious creator of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the name used by the presumed mysterious  person or people who created bitcoin. This person or persons have gained a near-legendary status since the beginning of bitcoin.

Although, many have claimed to be Satoshi, most would agree their identity remains a mystery or at least anonymous.

Notwithstanding, Whoever they may be, they are believed to be in possession of over 1 million bitcoin, worth over $31.8 billion as of July 15 2021.

It is certain that there is no hard evidence to link this recent activity to Satoshi because, While this address was perhaps an early bitcoin miner, there were also number of people mining alongside Satoshi during the first few years of bitcoin.


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