Best Paying Jobs in Catalog/Specialty Distribution

Choosing a career path is always an intensive job.

This is because, a career wrongly chosen can be a waste of time that will be hard to redeem.

If you are here to choose a career path, you have made one of the first move to success.

The catalogue/ specialised distribution career path is an interesting one, and we would be discussing it in this article.

What is Catalog/Specialty Distribution?

Catalogue/speciality distribution is a product distribution field involving sending of catalogues and other marketing materials to customers.

Some of the materials distributed in this field are readily available in stores.

The job roles of this field varies with the size of the organization, with tangible salary structure. 

As a growing career path, the salary structure depends on the educational background of workers.

When it comes to job hours, the Catalog/speciality distribution jobs typically allow workers work at least six days per week, with little time offs during the holiday season.

Is Catalog/Specialist Distribution A Good Career Path In?

Yes! Catalog/Specialist Distribution is a good career path.

This is because the jobs in this field can be really rewarding.

While it possesses many opportunities, there are several things you need to look out for before jumping into the Catalogue/speciality distribution sector.

However, the jobs in the sector typically require expertise.

Also, you will need to communicate with customers.

Apart from the above reasons, the following points will prove the catalog/specialty distribution sector as a good career path:

It is a relatively easy industry to break into

At least for the startup stage, you will not need a college degree to engage in the career path.

Although to gain higher grounds you will need better skills and knowledge.

It is a rapid growing industry

Just as said earlier, this industry is growing each day, and that is evident in the increase in demand of workers in this sector.

There are plenty of job opportunities available in this field.

It has a good Salary structure 

As hinted already, this industry has an enticing salary structure to make you at least comfortable.

From reports, this field has an average salary of $65,000 per year, also depending on role and expertise.

List of jobs available in catalogue/speciality distribution

If you want to know the jobs available in this field, the below list is yours:

  • Product analyst manager
  • Business analyst
  • Insights specialist Product specialist.
  • Catalogue analyst.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Reporting Specialist
  • Data analyst
  • Product analyst

Best Paying Jobs in Catalog/Specialty Distribution

Store Manager

As a store manager, you work as an overseer and controller of company affairs.

A store manager is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a catalogue/speciality store.

As such, he/she should ensure smooth and efficient running of daily activities.

Also, customers are your number one priority, they should be satisfied with company’s services.

According to reports, Store managers have an average salary of $45,693.

Sales Representative

Just like a sales rep, you will be responsible for the sales of catalogue/specialty materials.

This put you in a position of interacting and convincing customers.

As such, you are to have excellent customer service skills and be able to interact smoothly.

You will be also able to close deals daily.

According to reports, the average salary of a sales representative is $73,599.

Lead manager

As a lead manager, you have to oversee customers leads.

This role is more of organisation and control of communication in the company.

A lead manager should be able to maintain contact with the leads.

To do this you have to:

Interact through messages via email, WhatsApp, etc.

You are like a promoter of your company product.

So, whenever there is a new product or modification of an existing one, you need to promote it as a form of getting clients.

Sometimes, you need to give discounts and coupons.

Warehouse Manager

Catalogue products are produced, stored and distributed.

As a warehouse manager, your role is to oversee the whole process.

You have to ensure the safe storage of products, and the successful distribution of storage.

With this, you have to resourceful and an enemy of wastages.

As a warehouse manager, your base average salary is $52,626.


Administrators are like the organizational heads of the companies.

They are involved in the office layout of the business.

They handle customer service tasks efficiently like data entry, and order processing.

As an administrator, your base average Salary is $58,030.

District Manager

From the name “District” they expand their dominance into several catalogue/specialty stores.

District managers manage operations of different catalogue/speciality companies.

Their role is to provide the smooth running of all operations in the several stores they are assigned to.

A well manage stores should bring satisfaction to customers. 

According to report, the base average salary of a district manager is $67,463.

Accounting Clerk

All businesses have financial records.

These financial records are not to be toiled with, and they require appropriate management.

As an accounting clerk, your role is to maintain the financial records of any catalogue/speciality company you are assigned to.

As such, you need to be good with maths and accounting generally.

You will typically handle invoicing, billing, and payments.

As an accounting clerk, your average base Salary is $51,376.

Distribution Operations Associate

As easy as it seems, you will be fully involved in the safe orders and distribution of company products.

Typically, you will enter, sort, and dispatch products to clients.

According to reports, the average base Salary of a distribution operations associate is between $23000-$45000 yearly.


As a little part of the role of distribution operations associate, you are to (sort)look out for products.

As such, you need to familiarise yourself with all products to be able to sort them accurately.

According to Zippia, the average Base Salary is about $36,081.

Forklift Operator

Distribution of goods can be done with different equipments.

If the goods are much and heavy, a forklift will be required for distribution.

A forklift operator uses a forklift to transport catalogue/speciality products within the company.

As such, you must be able to safely deliver goods with the forklift efficiently.

You will also need to have a valid forklift license.

A forklift operator is entitled to an average Base Salary of $41,804.


A Director works as the organization’s chief executive.

He is in charge of all business operations, typically.

As a director, you are responsible for fostering and preserving position workplace ethics.

You have to make sure operations are seamless, with optimal customers satisfaction.

You are also responsible for pursuing new job prospects.

As a director, you are entitled to an average salary range between $84,000 – $96,000 per year.

Customer data manager

As the name implies, you will need to manage customer data and their needs.

What skills are required for catalogue/speciality distribution?

The following questions are the skills required to be relevant in this field:

  • Microsoft Word.
  • Microsoft Excel.
  • HTML.
  • CSS, etc.

Time management is also needed with time management skills.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Is catalogue/speciality distribution jobs part-time or full-time?

It can be either part-time or full-time, depending on the available job in catalogue/speciality distribution industry.

However, most of the companies are looking for full-time workers; according to job description and agreement – minimum of 3 years.

What are the good companies in catalogue/speciality distribution?

Some of the good companies in catalogue/speciality distribution are:

  • Google.
  • Microsoft.
  • Salesforce.
  • Accenture.
  • TCS.
  • Hyperlink.
  • Infosystem.
  • Valtech.
  • Amazon.
  • Zoho.
  • Adobe Systems.
  • Oracle corporations
  • Techasoft.
  • Plaxonic.
  • technologies, etc.

What’s the renowned job role in catalogue/speciality distribution?

The main job area in the catalogue/speciality industry is:

  • Data management.
  • Business development.
  • Catalog reporting.
  • Research analysis, and
  • Error solving.


After this article, I hope you can now freely choose this career path.

Anyways, if it doesn’t interest you, you can still read about other career paths that might suit your skills.

However, you must take your time to choose the best career for you.

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