Powerful Brazilian football club,Flamengo Zooms to crypto


Flamengo, a top Brazilian football club known to be champion of the Brasileiro Série A, has partnered with Chiliz, which is one of the leading blockchain providers for the sports and entertainment industry, to launch the $MENGO Fan Token on the fan engagement app,

Coming after an official invitation sent to Flamengo’s governing council, it was disclosed that they were scheduling to launch the Fan Token.

Flamengo will however become the third Brazilian football club team after Atlético Mineiro and Corinthians, to join the crypto club as a result of the council’s approval of the deal.

About Flamengo

The top club became one of Brazil’s most successful sports clubs during the 20th century when they had captured several Consejo Carioca (Rio de Janeiro state league) titles prior to the first Brazilian national championship being established in 1959.

Having attained great success in Brazilian football, winning seven Brazilian Championship Series A titles and a record 37 Carioca Championships, the club is among the three that have never been relegated from the premier division.

As a collectible digital asset minted on Chiliz’s blockchain, Fan Tokens can be used on to participate in polls, win VIP rewards, take part in exclusive promotions, use AR features, participate in chat forums and compete in games.

About CHZ

Sports and entertainment’s digital currency, CHZ, are accessible on South America’s biggest crypto exchange, Mercado Bitcoin, and can be used to make purchases from platforms and Fan Tokens which serve a number of partner clubs.

Flamengo’s Nation embraces all of its partners, including this time,” said Gustavo Oliveira, Flamengo’s vice president of Communications and Marketing.

Flamengo, a team with the largest fan base in the world, will be a fantastic partner and we are confident that Fan Tokens will be successful. What’s next excites us.

We have welcomed a new sporting giant to our ecosystem,” said Alex Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and “Flamengo welcomes you! In the very near future, fans of this world-famous club will be able to connect with their team in a brand-new way.

Flamengo fans will have exciting new opportunities with the launch of the $MENGO Fan Token, he added

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