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Ethereum Network Co-founder to leave the Crypto Market for safety reasons

Ethereum Network Co-founder
Ethereum Network Co-founder

Ethereum Network Co-founder to leave Crypto Market for safety reasons.

Ethereum network co-founder, Anthony Di Iorio has revealed that he is leaving the cryptocurrency space partially because of personal safety concerns.

The 48-year-old who has had a security team since 2017, with guards travelling with him or meeting up with him everywhere he goes, according to valid reports.

According to findings, Di Lorio is scheduling to sell Decentral Inc, an innovation hub and software development firm based in Toronto – in the next few weeks. The company is focused on decentralized technologies and is the producer of Jaxx, a wallet for digital assets with roughly one million customers this year.

Ethereum Network Co-founder to leave Crypto Market for safety reasons.

Mr Di Iorio told Bloomberg that he intends to focus on philanthropy and other programs unconnected to crypto. He added that he doesn’t plan on funding any additional blockchain projects and that he expects to cut his connections to other startups that he’s currently working with.

It’s got a risk profile that I am not too enthused about,” Mr Di Iorio said. He chose to not reveal his crypto holdings and net worth, the outlet reported. “I don’t feel necessarily safe in this space. If I was focused on larger problems, I think I’d be safer.

Me Di Lorio who co-founded Etherum in 2013, and the network has developed into the platform with many of the most attention-grabbing crypto projects. This has especially been the case in decentralized finance, an area where people can borrow, trade, and lend to each other without using banks to interact. The network’s native token Ether has a market value of around $225bn.

His net worth was estimated by Forbes to be around $1bn in February 2018. Since that point, the price of Ether has more than doubled.

Mr Di Iorio revealed on Bloomberg that he has spoken to potential investors for Decentral Inc and that he thinks the startup will be valued at “hundreds of millions” of dollars.

I want to diversify to not being a crypto guy, but being a guy tackling complex problems, he told the outlet.

I will incorporate crypto when needed, but a lot of times, it’s not.

It’s really a small percentage of what the world needs, he said.

According to coindesk he admits to being a crypto person but he wants more.

I’m a crypto guy and I don’t want to be known as a crypto person. I want to be known as a problem solver, he said.

Meanwhile, crypto market got a major loss as bitcoins goes below $33,000.


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