Boss Mustapha who is the Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 and also the Secretary to the Government of the Federation stated during task force press conference on thursday June 4, 2020 that: The Worship centres are reopened by the State Governments this weekend, The Federal Government has fore-warned that the Covid-19 taskforce will place ban on churches and mosques again, if the members neglect the healthy recommendations and defy the orders set for the containment of this Covid-19 virus.

The Task force also advised people that are above 50 years of age to avoid going to church or mosque, and also people with health issues like : diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, to worship at home.

During the press conference in Abuja on that Thursday, The Boss made it known that the task force would not repent in explaining the guidelines been issued to worship centres and other public places.

Mr Mustapha Boss said on the reopening of mosques and churches and I quote: “As we approach the weekend, we remind the public to be aware of the guidelines set for restricted opening of places of worship;

and National guidelines have been shared with the states and we expect that protocols will be agreed with religious leaders. Compliance is important so as to avoid unwanted consequences that put the lives of people at risk of contracting COVID-19″.

The FG also please with every religious individuals to always put on their nose masks while inside the church or mosque.



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