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How Many Jobs Are Available In Oil Refining/Marketing?

Pursuing a career in oil and gas production is a good option. Not only can applicants expect better than average pay, but they also have access to various job opportunities around the world. Obtaining the best education, experience or certification is the first step in getting a job in this field.

Is oil and gas production a good career path?

It can be. Jobs in this industry are favourable for those who enjoy working with their hands and exploring different parts of the world. It is also a good career path for engineers and scientists intrigued with gas and oil production.

Those considering a career in the gas and oil industry should continue reading to learn more.

Is Oil Refining/Marketing A Good

Yes, it is. Oil refining/marketing is a good career path and in general, the oil and gas industry is a great career path. Refining and marketing, like every other area of the oil and gas sector, is a major business.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Oil Refining/Marketing?

There are about a million jobs that are available in oil refining/marketing. One of the biggest industries in the world is the oil and gas industry. The field is very diverse, which contributes to the improvement and stability of job opportunities. As the majority of the world’s energy sources, including those used by factories and automobiles that use crude oil extracts, oil and gas are undoubtedly among the most significant energy sources in the world.


Advantages of a Career in Oil & Gas Production?

There are many benefits of pursuing a career in the oil and gas industry, these benefits include:

  • Higher than average annual salaries
  • Job opportunities around the world
  • Increased demand for workers in this industry
  • Many on-the-job training options
  • Job advancement opportunities available
  • Learning transferable skills

How to Start up a Career in the Oil & Gas Industry

The unemployed people hoping to begin a career in the oil and gas industry should start by obtaining any necessary training, experience or education to apply for their desired job. This includes completing a certification course or degree program, obtaining a CDL or obtaining a certification from a trade school.

Requirements for Oil & Gas Education & Certification

Educational and certification requirements for a job in the oil and gas industry differ greatly. For instance, many entry-level positions are free and require no knowledge in this field. Instead, many companies offer on-the-job training.

Higher positions in the oil and gas sector, such as an engineer or geoscientist, may require a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree in that particular field to obtain a job.

Average Salary

According to Zippia, the average annual salary for workers in the oil and gas industry is $102,190, which is substantially higher than the national average salary of $58,260 per year. However, since job duties and responsibilities differ greatly in this field, annual salaries range between $36,440 and $231,540.

Best Paying Jobs in Oil Refining/Marketing Industry  Chemical Engineers

One of the highest-paying occupations in the oil and gas industry is chemical engineering. They are in charge of evaluating and figuring out the kinds and quantities of chemicals utilized to turn oil products into usable commodities for the industry.

Gas Plant Operator

This is one of the highest-paying oil and gas jobs in the entire globe. The professionals in oil refining/marketing who distribute gas to businesses that use them through compressors with constant pressure are known as gas plant operators.

Petroleum Geologists

Among the prominent employees in the petroleum sector, petroleum geologists are in charge of finding potential oil and gas deposits and selecting the appropriate drilling technique based on the geology of the area.

Crude Oil Drivers

Crude oil drivers must use cars and tankers to deliver finished or raw oil to stations and retailers for commercial use. There is not much of an education required for this. You need a high school diploma or GED.

Directors of Operation

One of the most crucial groups of employees in oil refining/marketing is the directors of operations. They are the ones who make decisions for the company. They are expected to carry out all necessary planning for the business, including budgeting, sales, and negotiations.

Technical Directors

The biggest people in oil refining/marketing with good salaries are the technical directors. They are responsible for managing project managers, drilling teams, and other engineers in the organization. They create proposals, strategies, and designs for the business.

Executive Account Managers

Planning and account management for the company are the responsibilities of the executive account managers. Additionally, they are in charge of carrying out target sales and aiding in preserving the company’s brand through relationships with clients and customers.

Drilling Engineers

Drilling engineers are some of the most significant employees in oil refining/marketing. From the start to the finish of the drilling procedure, they are in charge. They are among the industry’s most qualified engineers. A bachelor’s degree in the relevant discipline and a state-issued certification are minimum educational requirements for a drilling position in the oil and gas industry.

HR adviser

The fundamental goal of the HR consultants’ work in the oil business is to create positive relationships by resolving and supervising tasks between the management and the workforce.

Well Testers

Well-testers are professionals in the oil and gas sector whose responsibility is to access and examine oil wells to guarantee their safety and balance before, during, and after work. They are responsible for assessing and researching using tools the safety of the oil sector.



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