How To Eat Healthy Meals on a Budget

Eating Healthy

How To Eat Healthy Meals on a Budget


In this article, I will write about simple methods to apply for eating healthy meals and give a detailed description with examples of some healthy meals that can be prepared on a budget. This article will contain essential methods that if applied, will lead to a healthy lifestyle while sticking to a budget.


I will also include real-life examples of the use cases of the methods for eating healthy on a budget. These use cases would include natural foods that will take the place of expensive supplements.

What Healthy Meals Entail?

   It is important you give your body a variety of foods that contain the appropriate nutrients you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

   Nutritional experts suggest that you eat a proper balanced diet to keep up a healthy life. To eat a healthy meal you should know what it consists of:

  • Protein gotten from eggs, dairy products, fish, meat, beans and nuts
  • Carbohydrates gotten from legumes, vegetables, whole grains, potatoes
  • Fat gotten from oils, fatty dairy foods, fatty meat and poultry products 
  • Vitamins like vitamin A,B, C, D, E, and K
  • Water which can also be gotten from fruits 


   There is a saying that “the first wealth is health”. Eating healthy is vital because of the protection you get from diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and cancer. Eating healthy meals will improve your health, leave you feeling great with more energy and in a better mood.


Steps To Preparing Healthy Meals on a Budget

   Having a good healthy eating habit can be expensive and even difficult especially when you are eating a completely balanced diet on a tight budget but not to worry I have carefully outlined a few steps you can follow if you want to prepare healthy meals on a budget.

  • Creating Your Budget:

  Food is a necessity that should be listed on your budget or plan. Decide on how much you are willing to set aside every month for food.

  Once that is done, you can now spend on a trip to the supermarket or store. I would recommend that you shop once a week so that you can limit how much you spend.


  • Creating an Elaborate List with Essential Nutrients:

  In creating your list of essentials, you should ensure that it contains all the required nutrients. The whole point of eating healthy on a budget is that nothing goes to waste. So you can make a list of foods you have in your home that you would still like to use then create a list of the essential nutrients like grains, oats, bread, dairy products, nuts and oils.


  • Building Your Shopping List:

  Now this is where you add the list of essential nutrients and spices. You can go online, research and add a list of healthy foods that are affordable or on sale. 


  • Determining the Price of the Foods on Your List:

  Now that you have built your list containing all the foods with the necessary nutrients, it is time to ascertain the price of the items. You can find them out and write them down beside your list of foods. When you are done, sum up the cost of foods and compare the total price with your budget cost. If it does not exceed your plan or budget you can go right ahead to shopping and then preparing your meal if not, scratch out foods that are of less preference.

How To Eat Healthy Meals on a Budget

Practical Use Cases of Healthy Meals on a Budget

   I will give a few illustrations of a combination of healthy foods that provide essential nutrients when prepared – foods that are not expensive and are easily accessible.

  • Rice and Beans

  A combination of these foods can provide you with all your proteins without having to do with chicken or meat. This food combo provides you with the appropriate amount of amino acid required for your body.


  •  Russet Potato

   This can be baked, used for casseroles and implemented with a salad. It is a good source of protein, fibre, iron and potassium which is good and very much affordable.    


  •   Leafy greens and Tomatoes

    Leafy greens such as kale or spinach contain iron and it is good to complement it with vitamin C like tomato slices. They can be properly sauteed.


Benefits of Eating Healthy Meals on a Budget

    There are benefits for sticking to a budget while eating a healthy meal.

  1. By cooking the meals yourself, you can know what ingredients are in your meals.


  1. Planning and writing down a list of nutrients you want from a particular meal, lets you know exactly what food contains a particular nutrient.


  1. You not only eat healthy but affordable foods



  In a nutshell, you don’t have to empty your account to eat a well balanced diet. The article shows that you do not need to put a price on your health at all and still eat healthy on a tight budget by properly planning your meals and making clever choices. Your diet and good food choices are investments.

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