Is Hotels/Resorts A Good Career Path

Is Hotels/Resorts A Good Career Path?

Have you ever thought to yourself, is hotels/resorts a good career path for you? With a robust hospitality job market and plenty of different positions to choose from, a hotel or resort career could be your ideal profession. In this article, we explore all about hotels/resorts.

Jobs in hotel and resort companies includes motels, and lodging establishments like bed and breakfast retreats, are a crucial component of the hospitality industry. Depending on your skills and interests, there are various career paths to pursue in this field.

The hospitality industry is popularly known for the various career advancement opportunities it provides. This is a good career path to pursue if you’re not interested in secondary education but wish to work your way up to an administration position. This can also be a good part-time career for someone who is still in school.

What Do People Working In Hotels/Resorts Do?

Workers in hotels/resorts can do a variety of different things, including working for the hotel itself, working in restaurants, casinos, theme parks, cruise lines, and other facilities that meet customers’ leisure needs. These jobs vary from being customer-facing to behind-the-scenes in marketing, sales, and accounting.

If you like working in food service but don’t want to work in a traditional restaurant, working in hotels/resorts is also a great option. Food is a staple in almost any hospitality location; they hire wait staff, and another food preparation career is always available. This is a good job because you know there will never be a shortage of customers.

Is Hotels/Resorts A Good Career Path?

Yes, it is a good career path. Working in hotels and resorts can be very rewarding, you also get to have a personal impact on people’s lives, so every little detail matters in making people happy. You get to meet new people daily, If you like to travel and live in different cities/countries, the world with many advancement opportunities.

How Many Jobs Are Available in Hotels/Resorts?

The hospitality industry took a massive blow during the pandemic as lockdowns and cancellations prevented people from many usual activities, such as travelling.

Although the sector is still recovering, approximately 1.2 million leisure and hospitality jobs are still lost as of  2022 with the employment rate 6.7% below pre-pandemic levels, according to recent reports.

The housing sector is the furthest behind, at 18.5% below the number of jobs in February 2020. Fortunately, the issue is not because of the lack of job openings. As the industry tries to catch up, leisure and hospitality jobs account for a disproportionate share of most job openings by 14%.

The issue is that there aren’t enough people to fill all the open jobs. As a result, wages have significantly grown as companies compete for fewer qualified aspirants.

The good news is the job outlook across specific positions in hotels and resorts is very profitable. For instance, employment for lodging managers is expected to increase by 20% from 2021 to 2031, much faster than average, according to the BLS.

Similarly, jobs for hotel, motel, and resort desk clerks would grow by 14% in the same timeframe. By the end of this year, the hotel industry should be employing 2.19 million people, which is 93% of pre-pandemic levels.

Requirements For A Career In Hotels/Resorts

The education and certification requirements for those wanting a job in hotels/resorts can vary significantly, depending on the role you desire. Here are a few basic requirements in this industry.

Degree/Certificate In The Hospitality Business For Hotel Management.

These types of courses train you in service management, food management, hospitality accounting, human resources, and facilities maintenance. This can prepare you for management, even if you don’t have any knowledge of the industry.

A degree in Hospitality can help potential employers verify your skills

Employers may differentiate candidates based on their certifications, so obtaining one or two before you start applying can help your success rate.

Basic Entry-level Jobs In Hotels/Resorts

A job in hospitality is a good option for a career. First of all the standard of entry is much lower than in other careers. If you enjoy working with people or working at a service job, then consider checking out the hospitality industry. According to Zippia, there are several ways to work your way up to management without needing secondary education;

  • Guest services representative
  • Bell services representative
  • Front desk agent
  • Food and beverSpecialistant
  • Reservations Specialist
  • Night audit representative
  • Guest room attendant (GRA)
  • Housekeeping associate
  • Valet representative

Best Paying Jobs In Hotel/Resorts

If you’re looking to make a career in hospitality and are looking to get good pay for it, you’ll need some experience, training, and relevant education. Attending college and pursuing a degree in hospitality management is your best chance to land one of these high-paying jobs; nevertheless, most of them can be accessible if you work your way up from entry-level.

The following are some of the best-paying jobs in the hotel/resort industry.

Chief concierge

A chef concierge is responsible for providing customer service to hotel guests. Their roles can vary from setting up scavenger hunts, arranging weddings, getting highly sought-after concert tickets, and more. The chef concierge provides guests with whatever their hearts desire.

Hotel controller

A hotel controller is in charge of the management and oversight of storeroom inventory, as well as accurate reporting of said inventory data. They are given the responsibility of auditing invoices and completing requisitions of incoming and outgoing products to and from the main storeroom.

Resort manager

Resort managers are people that work at a place of lodging or resort location where they manage all business aspects. This can include hiring and training staff, ordering inventory, advertising, marketing, advertising, maintaining a hotel budget, excelling in customer service, along with meeting guests’ needs.

Guest relation manager

The guest relations manager is a person who is responsible for customer satisfaction. They are in charge of training new and current employees, handling any customer requests or complaints, and performing other management and administrative duties as required.


Although they can vary significantly by position, there are some common benefits to this career path listed above in the hotel/resort sector, so it would be a good job opportunity for people seeking to venture into the hospitality industry. Hope you found every you were looking for in this article.

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