Israel and Hamas combat with deadly rocket fire

Israel Hamas combat
Israel Hamas combat

Israel and Hamas combat with deadly rocket fire

The conflict between Israel and Hamas glinted tension as Israel unleashed new airstrikes on Gaza while militants barraged Israel with hundreds of rockets.

The combat murdered several militants yesterday and civilians in Gaza and at least three Israelis.

Lots of rockets from the Gaza Strip and airstrikes into the territory proceeded almost nonstop throughout the day, in what seemed to be some of the most severe warfare between Israel and Hamas since their 2014 war.

Israel and Hamas combat with deadly rocket fire

Sparking fire was so brutal that Israel’s Iron Dome rocket-defence system seemed to be overwhelmed. Columns of smoke rose from many places in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the United States advises both Israel and the Palestinians to avoid “deeply lamentable” civilian deaths after airstrikes by the Jewish state in response to rocket fire in Gaza, US State Department spokesman Ned Price tells reporters.

By late yesterday, the violence extended to Tel Aviv, which came under fire from a barrage of rockets launched from the Gaza Strip, killing a 50-year-old woman.

The outgoing volleys set off air raid sirens across the city, and the main international airport quickly shut down.

According to Hamas, it launched a total of 130 rockets, its most fierce strike so far, in response to Israel’s destruction of a high-rise building in Gaza earlier in the evening. The sound of the outgoing rockets could be heard in Gaza.

As the rockets rose into the skies, mosques across Gaza blared with chants of “God is great,” “victory to Islam” and “resistance”.

Israeli soldiers hid as the siren sounds warning of incoming rockets fired from the Gaza Strip, in the southern Israeli town of Ashkelon.

One rocket knocked a bus in the central city of Holon, just south of Tel Aviv. Medics said three people, including a 5-year-old girl, were wounded and the bus went up in flames.

Report from sundown Monday reveals that 28 Palestinians, including 10 children and a woman, were killed in Gaza, most by airstrikes, health officials there said. The Israeli military said at least 16 of the dead were militants.

Two women were also killed by rockets fired from Gaza that hit their homes in the southern city of Ashkelon – the first Israeli deaths in the current violence. At least 10 other Israelis have been wounded since Monday evening.

After those deaths, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said officials decided to “increase both the strength and rate of the strikes” against militant groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip.

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