Miyetti Allah Berated The Northern Governors For Not Showing Concerns Over Herders Plight

Miyetti Allah Berated The Northern Governors
Miyetti Allah Berated The Northern Governors

Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Bauchi State chapter, has berated the Northern Governors Forum over its inability to address the plight of the Fulani herders at its recent meeting in Kaduna.

This is just as the association accused the northern governors of not taking into cognisance the humiliations herders were being subjected to on grazing reserves in the Southern parts of the country. According to the group, the governors were only concerned about where power should be rotated to in 2023.

Its chairman, Alhaji Muhammad Hussaini, while addressing a news conference in Bauchi, said it was disheartening to note that Northern governors and emirs , as representatives of the people, could sit to discuss issues affecting the region without recourse to the Fulani’s plight.

Hussaini said:

Northern governors are being lackadaisical towards the predicaments of the Fulani tribe in the country, especially the herders, who roam about searching for greener pasture for their animals in the southern parts of the country while being humiliated, maimed and even killed, with their movements restricted on their fatherland soil, contrary to the provisions of Nigerian Constitution.

He wondered why the governors and emirs were only bothered about political issues such as power shifts between the country’s regions at the detriment of the lives of their people.

Instead of the Northern governors showing concern to the forms of treatment on herders by the Southern governors, they simply sit and discuss issues of personal vendetta without recourse to the people they governed.

For this, we condemn in totality the Northern Governors Forum meeting with emirs in attendance. They sit to discuss their self-aggrandisement motives, leveraging on ways and means to enrich themselves at the detriment of the people.


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