Nigeria won’t break up-TB Joshua Reveals

Nigeria won’t break up-TB Joshua
Nigeria won’t break up-TB Joshua

Nigeria won’t break up-TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua has broadcasted the video of a prophecy for Nigeria which he gave almost seven years ago on July 27, 2014.

Nigeria won’t break up-TB Joshua

In the video, he predicted that Nigeria would be covered by a cloud of “crisis, murder, killings, destruction” but would not split up.

“Nothing will happen to Nigeria. Nigeria will remain one,” Joshua assured the congregation during a service at SCOAN.

The video comes amid the calls for Nigeria’s breakup by proponents of a Biafran government and other aggrieved persons and organisations, following worsening terrorism, kidnapping and banditry.

Beyond this crisis, Nigeria is beautiful. Your prayer now is that you should witness it so that this crisis will not take you away, the cleric declared.

It is decreed that this nation will be reckoned with as a powerful nation,” he continued, adding that his prophecy would become a point of reference many years later.

However, he warned members of the ‘political class’ of upcoming repercussions for their donations to the crisis.

Huge trouble is coming and no human being will withstand it unless you don’t have hand in that trouble,he boldly declared.

There is a cloud that covers Nigeria… the cloud of crisis, murder, killings, destruction covers Nigeria. The cloud will go; Nigeria will remain.

Joshua who continued by calling on his followers to pray for Nigeria, cleric insisted that Nigeria would not break up.

I want to assure you: Nigeria – nothing will happen to Nigeria. Nigeria will remain one!

Speaking on the spate of insecurity fuelled by banditry and terrorism, Joshua revealed:

They have infiltrated everywhere. There is no section or department in this country that these people are not there. It has become a professional job.

He stressed that protection only lies in God.

There is no one that is secured by power and might and gun that they cannot get unless those whom God protects – because they have infiltrated everywhere. They are no more inside the bush; they are everywhere.

Joshua called on the ‘political class’ to set differences aside and “discuss the security and oneness of this country.

There will be the answer if they can pay the price, but their political agenda behind and discuss the unity of this nation,he stressed, describing the situation of Nigeria as “very sensitive.

Quote me once again – security, police, guns, soldiers cannot protect anyone again because everywhere is infiltrated,” he concluded before praying for God’s will to be done.


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