The Executive Governor of Anambra State, His Excellency Willie Obiano stated in a statewide broadcast:
That every Resident must be cautious and endeavour to always wear their face masks in public or get to pay a fine of 10,000 Naira.

The Governor, Mr Willie Obiano also warned the traders in the state to adhere and always carryout the safety measures laid down to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

That he said, and also rounded it up by warning that the failure to keep to the Coronavirus guidelines would lead to the shutting down of the markets again.

Mr Obiano also made it known that he had already signed the Coronavirus law, which makes it a punishable offence for anyone to be seen in the public wearing no face mask, henceforth.

‘The offence attracts a fine of N10,000 or some hours of community service, and my administration is determined to enforce this law’ -said the Governor.

He also announced and I quote:
“We have 69 individuals on home quarantine and two individuals in the facility-based quarantine and We shall continue to push back at this pandemic until we have reduced its presence in Anambra State”.

So in my opinion, I will definitely commend the Governor for his efforts towards the containment of this deadly Covid-19 virus and the way he’s handling the financial sector of the state at this pandemic era.

Please let us all hearken to his voice and make our state a healthy and a state free of Covid-19 ..



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