Powerful specs to see in a Gaming Laptop 2021

Gaming laptop 2021
Gaming laptop 2021

Gaming Laptop 2021

Welldone my fellow gamers, in here i will leak some secret specifications to watchout for before you purchase a gaming laptop.

First of all what is a Gaming Laptop.


A gaming laptop doesn’t mess with portability and playability, it gives you maximum performance for high end graphics jobs which include gaming, programming, coding and graphics designs.

A good gaming laptop has nothing to do with lagging, in short i define a gaming laptop as a zero lagging device.

In summary, it combines good battery life, good performance, rugged structure, portability and playability.


Specification includes those explicit set of requirements to be satisfied by the laptop in this context.

  1. Good Processor(CPU) : A good gaming laptop must have a high processor for smooth user transitions. Currently a good laptop able to withstand 2021’s high graphic demand should have a generation above 6 and a core above 5. For example, 10th Gen Intel Core i7 with 2.5hz above. Gamers always go for the best, so lets go on.
  2. High Random Acess Memory(RAM) : Ram is very important in gaming because it helps the laptop process activities. So when harnessing a high graphics software your Ram helps to keep the process running smoothly and optimally. A good gaming laptop 2021 should have a RAM above 8gb(gigabyte).
  3. Dedicated video memory: Some of you neglect this and later cry, please never joke with dedicated video memory at all. It is the particular size of Ram the system sets apart for high graphics softwares, so if your laptop has no dedicated memory, it starts lagging and over heating.Let me shock you, a laptop with 32gb Ram and no dedicated memory will not play GTA5 smoothly, that’s how important this is.A good gaming laptop 2021 should have a dedicated video memory(any graphics card) of 4gb and above.
  4. Graphics Card: Graphics is about display and display perfromance. We have 3 amazing graphics card; Intel, Nvidia and AMD. I will tell you that all graphics card are amazing and powerful but i Prefer Nvidia graphics and AMD graphics card.
  5. Solid state drive (SSD) preferable : This is a type of hardrive unlike the normal HDD type, it performs systems operation faster and much better than the normal HDD, so gamers go for this although, it’s costlier than HDD but its worth the price hack. A hard drive space of 500gb above is preferable.
  6. Heat desipation egress: Gaming laptops desipate more heat than other laptops, so make sure the laptop has a good cooling pathway and good heat exhaust ways.               Heat exhaust pathways are visible so watchout for them.
  7. Sophistication and weight: Olden days gaming laptops are known for their bulky nature, so watchout for a sleeker look and less weight laptop. Modern gaming laptops are so rugged in look and weigh less.
  8. Keyboard Compartment: I debated with someone about this, where I said that real gamers prefer keyboard gaming to gamepad gaming. However whatever you choose, your keyboard should have light enabled and good key separation for intense gaming.

Keyboard compartment

Other specifications includes;

Battery Life: Go for a good battery life although we don’t game with DC as gamers but for other things choose a good battery life laptop.

Price factor: Obviously, gaming laptops are costly but I have seen good gaming laptops with  friendly prices, so check out other sources, sites, models etc. Don’t think that bigger price equals Good gaming life, No, make your choices.


In summary, the above specifications were gradually sorted out for by tori4africa in other to acquaint our readers,so every other person or site can have theirs but I assure you that a good gaming laptop 2021 must have the above specifications.

You can check some High gaming laptops below

Gaming laptops

Feel free to comment or reach us below for conformity or more debates.

Thanks for gaining value😊😊


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