It was a surprise morning shock to tell the public that Abba Kyari (Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari) is nowhere to be found in lagos by the Lagos State, through its Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi.


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We can vividly remember this is contrary to reports aired that Kyari is at the Mainland Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH) isolation centre in Lagos.

Following further information gotten from DailyPost! Prof. Abayomi said he does not know Kyari’s location at the moment.

Abba Kyari lagos
Abba Kyari Chief of staff to President Buhari


Nevertheless, Kyari had on Sunday, informed the public via a letter, that he tested positive for COVIID-19 last week and would be in Lagos on Monday for further tests based on medical advice and further treatment if possible.


Then after, Abba Kyari was later reported to have been flown from Abuja to Lagos in an air ambulance

But as at today, while addressing newsmen on Tuesday, Prof. Abayomi said:


“I’m not aware of the Chief of Staff’s itinerary, so I don’t know where he is, we chat on WhatsApp but I cannot tell where he is from our chat.

“We’re exchanging information, but I haven’t asked him for his location.


“He seems well and happy and we’re exchanging information on strategic issues.

“It has been a long time we talked about his health. I presume he has made a full recovery.” This was all said by Prof. Abayomi!


Now the question comes in, where then is Abba Kyari if he is not in lagos?

Abba Kyari lagos
Where is Abba Kyari if he is not in lagos?


Not forgetting Nnamdi Kanu, which is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, who had earlier beforehand alleged that Abba Kyari has “scampered” to Cuba for Coronavirus treatment.


In conclusion!

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